Itinerary Bergamo and Bernina train 18 – 21 September 2014

Bergamo – Como – St Moritz

Day 1
Arrive at Bergamo airport 11am
Take the local bus (1.60 EUR) (20 mins drive).
Stop at vernacular, cable car (approx. 2 EUR)
Walk around cobbled streets and beautiful square.
Eat lunch of pizza.
Take local bus (beautiful views of the city)
Stop at the train station.

Train to Tirano (Bergamo to Lecco approx. 45 mins, Lecco to Tirano approx. 2 hours) Trains are frequent.
Local trains to Lecco. Stop for aperitif.
Take train to Tirano admiring view of Como (nb at rush hour this train can get packed).
Arrive in Tirano, stayed at beautiful Bernina hotel.
Dinner at lovely hotel restaurant.
Day 2
Breakfast at hotel
Take the train to St Moritz, the local train, Bernina Line! (approx. 2 hours of magnificent views and changing climates)
Arriving at St Moritz get 24 hour travel card for bus and use it as a way to explore the small town.
Stayed at affordable, clean, ultra-new, sparse, St Moritz youth hostel.
Coffee and cakes in town.
Walks by the lake and soaking up the atmosphere.
Dinner at a pizza place on high street – prices were great.
Day 3
Breakfast at youth hostel.
Walk in the adjoining forest.
Bus to station.
Return train journey Switzerland (nice stops at Pontesina or Poschiavo)
Because we were with baby at tired at this point we had a leisurely lunch at Bernina hotel again and a nice coffee in a beautiful garden café.
We then stopped at Lecco again for ease and gelato but so many nice places along Como route to stop on the return leg.
Arrived in Milan around 7pm.
Local bus to airport.
Walked to NH airport hotel, which is further than advertised.
Exhausted, with a toddler and understandably moody husband.

Day 4
Checked out after a leisurely breakfast and walked to the airport.
Found airport really busy and luckily skipped queue due to toddler. I recommend you leave yourself ample time- this is a hectic and small airport.


Costs: This did end up being quite an expensive trip. I managed to source a 2for1 deal on our train tickets to St Moritz and they were about 15 EUR each. The return therefore was 30EUR so 45EUR each, return. Our hotels were comfortable and with breakfast, averaging 100 EUR per night. The trains and buses in Italy were cheap, our journey from Bergamo to Tirano was about 12 EUR. Our toddler traveled free on all trains. We ate out each night and enjoyed pizza, soup and a few glasses of wine. Water bizarrely was really expensive, I still don’t understand why, when in the Alps you would need to drink bottled water.  St Moritz was affordable, we were really careful.

Time: I would recommend another day to this trip as day 3 involved too much travel to be enjoyable. Instead I would have spent the night somewhere along Como and broken up the return journey.

Weather: We packed for all weather. In Tirano I was wearing a sleeveless top and by St Moritz I had put on a fleece, waistcoat and thermal hat.